This blog is all about my little sister, Asma, who lost her life in the battle against cancer on February 11, 2005 at the age of 12.

All About My Baby Sister, Asma

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

No More Ranting and Raving


I miss Asma. A lot. Damn, I really miss her.

I miss how she used to smile. I miss how she used to speak. I miss her witty comments and comebacks. I miss her eloquence. I miss her self-confidence.

I miss how she use to always have time to talk to me. I used to go up to her and just start ranting and raving. She would either sit there and talk to me or laugh at me. lol

I miss how she never used to pass judgements on me. She used to believe me right away without making me say "Promise" or "Wallahi."

When people would say things about me, she knew the truth. Trust me, she knew A LOT about me.

When I get caught up in things such as school, family, and my projects (working on cars), it sometimes takes my mind off of things. It takes my mind off of Asma; which can be a good thing at times. Many times I find myself doing absolutely nothing as a result of depression when I think of her. Like now.

I wish I can just go to her right now and let everything out. Tell her about life and problems. I wish I can ask her for advice. Ask her what to do.

I was able to go to talk to her and was very comfortable with it because not only I knew I could trust her and she wouldnt tell anyone else, but also because I trusted and respected her advices.

Well, maybe this post wasnt much of benefit to anyone like other posts are sometimes. I guess this is my new way of ranting and raving and letting it all out since she is gone. But I still cant be totally open and ask for advice on how what to do and how to deal with my current problems.

Sucks. Yeah, big time.

May Allah elevate Asma's status to the highest level. Ameen
May Allah reunite us with Asma once again. Ameen



  • At Tuesday, December 06, 2005 12:53:00 PM, Anonymous Saimah said…


    Don't be depressed. Asma wouldn't want that for you. Take care.

  • At Tuesday, December 06, 2005 4:59:00 PM, Blogger psykomantium said…


    As your good friend, if you ever need someone to talk to, don't hesitate to contact me. Take care man, in these hard times

    Ma assalama

  • At Tuesday, December 06, 2005 8:36:00 PM, Blogger Hijabi4Life said…

    May Allah swt make it easy for you and your family. Ameen.

    if you wanna talk, talk to a trusted friend, someone who's always there for you, even at 4 am. Someone who won't judge you, who has time and patience for you and who cares for you unconditionally.

    When Allah closes one door in your life, sometimes He also opens another. :)

    stay safe and I hope you feel better soon inshaAllah khair.

  • At Wednesday, December 07, 2005 4:16:00 PM, Blogger Nuralhuda said…

    sabr, and shukr.

    Shukr for having had her, and sabr for losing her till you're reunited. :)

  • At Wednesday, December 07, 2005 4:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    oh man, that is very sad :(

  • At Wednesday, December 07, 2005 10:02:00 PM, Blogger fuzzy said…

    From a popular Zain Bhikhai Song:

    Sometimes, when the world's not on your side,
    You don't know where to turn to,
    don't know where to hide.

    You gaze at the stars in the sky,
    the mountain peak up high,
    with the tears in your eyes.
    Looking for a reason
    to replace what is gone.
    Just remember, remember,
    you are never alone.

    You are never alone.
    Just look into your heart and Allah is always near.
    You are never alone.

  • At Friday, December 09, 2005 1:39:00 AM, Anonymous Umm X said…

    just be patient inshAllaah, and ask supplicate for her, and your family, remember allaah does not burden a sole more than it can bare... you'll be ok inshAllaah...

    and as for not having no one to turn too, asma may allaah have mercy upon her has passed away, but if i re-call you have another sister, no she is not a replacement for her... but maybe she has traits of asma but will take your heart content...

    remember also in the rememberance of allaah does the heart find rest...

    if this is your way to let things out then inshAllaah let it be, even if no one is reading it will make you feel better...

    akh, i know it easy for me to say but spend time with your family, like with me i have traits of my siblings, like wise your sibling will have traits as her...

    i dunno this isnt makin sense... i will remember you and your family in my du'as...

    allaahumma i ask you to grant sabr to this family, have have been through a lot alhamdulillaah, oh allaah unite this family together in jannah!! aameen!

  • At Monday, December 19, 2005 6:08:00 AM, Anonymous Sadi said…

    Salam Brother,

    May Allah grant Asma the highest level in Jannah, May Allah reward you and your family for being there for Asma, May Allah give you and your family sabr and shiffa...May Allah reunite you guys on the day of judgement...
    May Allah help you and get rid of your depression...Ameen

    take care

  • At Thursday, January 19, 2006 1:54:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Asalam Alaikum

    May Allah shower his mercy and blessings upon your sister, inshallah shes in Jannah. and may Allah give you and your family the patience.

  • At Friday, October 17, 2008 7:28:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    if you ever need to talk,i am here for you

    nobodys perfect,its not a great thing to be judgemental whenever.observe the person try to see where they're coming from and support them,not judge


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