This blog is all about my little sister, Asma, who lost her life in the battle against cancer on February 11, 2005 at the age of 12.

All About My Baby Sister, Asma

Feel free to pass this blog along to others, Insha'Allah. (To read the very first post/entry, click on "February 2005" under "Archives" and scroll all the way to the bottom and you should see the first entry). Please keep my parents and family in your dua'as. Jazak'Allah. May Allah reward all of you and keep you guys on the straight path. Ameen May Allah reunite us with Asma once again. Ameen

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Assalaamualaikum Warahmutallahi Wabarakatuh,

Masha'Allah it amazes me when I see what people actually do for fellow Muslims. We take the extra step to help others for the sake of Allah and out of love for each other. Masha'Allah.

I never realized how many hearts Asma touched. Its apparent that she touched many after reading emails and comments left on my blog.

I have been given another poem about Asma by a sister who comes to this blog often. Masha'Allah I loved it.



A beautiful name with a beautiful meaning...

Surely Asma was someone really precious and dear to me. Someone who I can never forget. Her love and patience strengthened me to become a better person.

Memories will always stay, tears will always fall...But the love that I still have for Asma cannot be described to all - I Pray and Hope that Allah has mercy on her sweet soul - Ameen -

And now that she has gone, left me all alone behind...I just wish I could hug and kiss my baby sister one last time...

- Muharibah -


May Allah reward sister Muharibah for writing this poem. Ameen
May Allah keep her and all the Muslims on the straight path and forgive our sins. Ameen
May Allah reunite us with Asma once again. Ameen
May Allah elevate Asmas status to the highest level in Jannah. Ameen
May Allah give us sabr and shiffa. Ameen
May Allah guide us all. Ameen
Assalaamualaikum Warahmutallahi Wabarakatuh


  • At Saturday, March 11, 2006 11:20:00 PM, Anonymous Saimah said…


    Mashallah that was beautiful. Ameen to the duas.

  • At Tuesday, April 11, 2006 1:02:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hug the sister that is alive..... that might do her, you and the family a lot of good.

  • At Sunday, May 21, 2006 9:37:00 PM, Anonymous ure sister said…


    im so sorry for you brother and i wish asma all the best in jannah insha allah.

    i want to thankyou for ure post. I really learnt something from it:
    "spend a lot of time with your loved ones because once theyre gone, you cant bring back the past".

    i hope everyone learns from this blog brother..i wish you all the best in your life...and it was really strong of you to tell everyone about this.. :)

    just remember one thing
    "kill your faith and you will lose"

    assalamu alaikum wa rahmat allahi wabarakatu


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