This blog is all about my little sister, Asma, who lost her life in the battle against cancer on February 11, 2005 at the age of 12.

All About My Baby Sister, Asma

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Asma's Competitiveness

Assalaamualaikum Warahmutallah,

Sometimes when I take a step back and read this blog, it seems as if I'm always posting about negative, depressing times. I guess it makes sense. I mean now that Asma is gone, its depressing. The feeling of emptiness is there and always will be. The posts that I have made in the past which were about good, fun times have overshadowed by the gloomy, sad posts. Therefore, I figured I should make more posts which may bring a smile to people (or atleast me) when reading about Asma.

Pretty much from the beginning since she became ill with cancer, Asma had been bed-ridden. She was immobile because of the massive tumor in her leg. What does one do while in bed all day, all night? The only times Asma left the bed was to go to the bathroom (and even then I would have to carry her) or when I took her to another bed downstairs.

Usually, she would either watch T.V., read or play games. The same was true for when she spent her time at the hospital during chemo.

Subhana'Allah, she was very competitive. I dont know how she did it, but she beat everyone in everything she played. She won so many times that people tried their best to beat her, yet still end up losing. Subhana'Allah that made me smile - even when she would beat me.

She had three favorite things to play: Uno (card game), checkers and Mario Cart on Nintendo64 (N64).

One of my favorite memories of her was playing N64 with her at the hospital on numerous occasions. I remember when she was in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for a month straight prior to being transferred to another hospital to get her leg amputated, she was being given heavy doses of Morphine which had strong side effects. When being given Morphine, she would sleep most of the time. If she were up, she would just be in bed listening to peoples conversations. Her face would be expressionless.

The only two times that would "bring her to life" or put a smile on her face would be when my parents would be there and when I played N64 with her. She would actually sit up to play it with me. Subhana'Allah that was one of the best feelings - for her to smile because of me.

She wouldn't want to play N64 with anyone else but me. That makes me both happy and emotion as I type this. Ironically, I'd say that is one of the best times of my life. Strange isn't it?

The nurses would come into her room at the hospital and play Uno or checkers with her. They would actually come in and try to beat her. However, in the end, they'd walk out with another loss against Asma.

One can say that the game of Uno many times depends on the which cards you end up with. Yes, sometimes you get 'lucky' with certain cards. However, the same can't be said about Checkers. WIth that, you have to use your mind and make the next move. Even adults who knew how to play the game would lose to her.

I guess I can go on and on, but it just makes me smile everytime I think about this. It makes me smile even more when I think about how she loved playing N64 with me and how it made her feel happy. She would always be 'Princess' in Mario Cart and I would be 'Mario.' Fun times to say the least...

I miss her.


May Allah reunite us with Asma once again. Ameen
May Allah elevate Asma's status in Jannah. Ameen
May Allah take our Souls in the state of Islam. Ameen
May Allah protect us all and keep us on the straight path. Ameen

WasSalaamualaikum Warahmutallah


  • At Monday, December 17, 2007 5:11:00 AM, Anonymous Safiyyah said…

    assalaamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh
    subhanallah. i found your blog simply because allah decreed it. i read it from start to finish in 4 hours straight crying much along the way. you have reminded me that this life is fleeting and that tomorrow i will meet allah with nothing except what i have set forth. i have been reminded once again that no matter how hard the burdens i bear may feel, allah has not yet tested me with taking the life of one of my beloveds. and i hope that if i live to see them taken away i will bear it with your same forebearance. may allah reward you, your family and you baby sister asma with jannah and reunite you there. ameen. and may he bless my family similarly. ameen.



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